San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Background of Retablo and Altar Project

Fr. Ted Valencia, our current parish priest, led the effort to re-establish our church's "retablo" and along with it, the commission to have a new altar, lectern and ambo built to match the proposed retablo. Our patron saint, San Nicolas de Tolentino, is an Augustinian martyr. History tells us that our church in Macabebe was built and established as a parish by the Spanish Augustinian missionaries who spread Catholicism in Pampanga. Most, if not all, Augustinian established churches have a retablo.

With the current Archdiocesan initiative to preserve our church heritage, Fr. Ted organized a Parish Construction Comittee to lead the project of re-establishing our old retablo.